Monday, June 19, 2006

"Include the un-included",says Katharine Jefferts Schori on CNN

I knew that electing a woman as a bishop was a huge step for the episcopalian church but I had no idea that this particular lady was in favor of the ordination of Gene Robinson. Today on CNN, she briefly explained how she went from a catholic school girl to an oceanographer to faith and how essays from Einstein and the likes inspired her to ask the deeper questions in life. She was then asked whether or not she believes being a homosexual is sinful and she said " I don't believe so". She said that each and everyone of us is given a "different gift" and that some people find affection towards the opposite sex and others to the same. She was asked if the bible should be taken as black and white and she responded that a book to be written about the experiences of people who lived well over a couple of thousands of years before us doesn't tell us how to wear our clothes or even how to eat our foods, both of which are not observed today and that rather the book should be about how to love and cherish one another, as Jesus so vividly reminded us.
She also said that the teachings should be about "including the un-included". I just loved that last part. Now, I'm an atheist as some people know but I can't help it but applaude this woman.
I'm pretty sure she's bringing to the table what no one before has ever done.
Good job.

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