Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Today's Oprah!

I was dissapointed in today's Oprah that I can't say much but copy the e-mail that I sent to her.
Read on:

Hi Oprah,
I have nothing but love and respect for you.But when you constantly air shows that involve homosexual men for the sole purpose of painting them as evil,deceitful men and a danger to women,this does nothing but further the ill-informed notion of what sexuality in general is and also the negative attitudes and approaches towards it that people have here in America.I know you've received gazillions e-mails on this in the past.But it's just getting worse and worse. When are you going to finally bring on an expert on this issue?

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Child Sex Trafficking!!

I could not believe what I saw today on "The Oprah Show". I've known for quite some time now that such horrible acts are going on around the Globe,I just had no idea how serious and out of hand it has gotten!! To think that most of these men are "people of God" and other respected taxpayers and members of society. My heart was crushed!! I knew of one family,when growing up, where the father abused her daughter all the way until adulthood. The fact that my culture prevents anything sexual to be discussed openly also worked against the victim but in favor of the abuser. It never occured to anyone that such acts violently affects a young person's mind irreparably since no one has ever come out and speak out.
I sent a letter to friends and family asking them to sign a petition that will be forwarded to our MPs and other members of government to try and fight those horrible acts being inflicted on children here and overseas.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Horrible weather in Toronto!!

Pheeww!! What a horrible weather in Toronto,today!!Good thing I didn't have to get out of the house much.Otherwise I would be very cranky by now.LOL.Which itself almost never happens.Yeah I'm a positive/optimistic person and never let anything mess up my mood.Hell,even my sometimes noisy sisters can't seem to be able to do that!!LOL.Well in terms of other news,I was just reading just two days ago about two people I've known personnaly who were murdered in Montréal and no one knows so far the details of such a horrible act.Apparently the police is still investigating.But I can't help but wonder.Where is this world coming to?

This crazy world of ours!!

Hello folks,

Did you guys see what happened in Pakistan?How sad!I guess it's going to take more than just just an earthquake,a tsunami,several genocides in a decade,AIDS,famines and quite a few other unpleasant natural and unatural disasters to wake us up.
Let's protect the only thing worth caring for in this universe of ours.Notre planète(our planet)!
How,you ask?
Well,that's a start!! Let's ask questions!!


Typical day in front of a computer...

Yep!! That's me in Paris,baby!!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Travelling overseas can be very refreshing!!!

I had been wanting to visit Europe ever since I was a little boy and was unable to.Instead I left my native country barely a young adult to come here(Toronto).I've been to the States several times and have visited a few African countries(Burundi,Congo,Uganda,Kenya).
Each time I'd come back a changed man.For instance the 1st trip back to Africa made me realize how short and priceless life is and I came out to pretty much to everyone in my familly which wholefully changed my life.
This summer I went to Europe and I visited France,Germany and Belgium(where I have relatives) and I can't believe how much perspective that experience trew my way.I came back to Toronto and...well...without saying much,let's just say that I left my former job that I had for four years for a new one,which pays me better and allows me to explore other horizons.

So in the words of Shaggy,I'll sum it up as follow:
"I guarantee you that if half of the people in America used their passports a little bit more and travelled to countries like Afghanistan, Cairo and Dubai, (U.S. President George W.) Bush wouldn't have won and we wouldn't be in this situation."

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Life so far

To Everyone reading this post,

How's life treating y'all? I, for the most part,am enjoying every bit of it,although at times I feel like time has stopped and I'm in this really big black hole where everything is spinning over my head and then I tell myself that it must be what everyone feels at my age.You know,mid to late twenties,stuck at a job that I hate,single and still looking!!
Of course I wake up and realize that it wasn't a bad dream but actually my life so far. I pick up the phone and call my parents on the other side of the globe just to keep my self sane and you know re-connect with my roots. We talk for hours and after that,bam!! My bad dream resumes where it left off...
You're probably wondering which part of my life I actually enjoy as I claimed.Well,here it is...
I then realize that I share my apartment with my sisters and brother whose faces and voices actually make my days brighter and nights shinier and I take a look at myself in the mirror and say"...well,you know what,kid? You ain't got it so bad after all." And I rejoyce.
Of course by then I don't feel pitiful anymore and I call my friends and we get back at it.Party that is!!!
Life should be about that,don't you agree?Enjoyable and not every single one second of it wasted on negative thoughts and/or action.But spent as if it were the last second.After all we can never get back that one second,now can we?
So folks,until I talk to you next time.How about you promise me to enjoy your lives just the same as I enjoy mine?If not more!
Come to think of it,life so far isn't that bad...