Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Ex-deputy goes to trial on genocide allegations.

Simeon Nshamihigo is accused of participating in the killings of thousands of people during the infamous 1994 Rwandese genocide that left over a million people dead in just a few days and millions more displaced.

Up until recently he was working for the international tribunal in charge of trying people who've been accused, falsely or not, of carrying out the killings. And he had been working as a defence investigator up until 2001 under a pseudo name. The Rwandan government has complained that several people implicated in the genocide were employed by defence teams at the Arusha based court, BBC online reports.

Just last week another lawyer was forced to resign after the Rwandese government issued a warrant on him since he's wanted for similar charges as well. Check out this link for details on the horrific killings.