Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Unicef to launch web game in SWAHILI to tackle AIDS.

The United Nations children's agency (Unicef) has launched the first computer game in Swahili. "Ungefanyaje" which means "what would you do" in Swahili, is aimed at halting the spread of the virus amongst young adults and since it's a virtual game, it takes them through various scenarios explaining how the virus works, spreads, and the methods available to halt and prevent it.

The Unicef estimates that aproximately 80% of young adults do not know how to properly protect themselves from the disease, hell, the South African presidential candidate, Mr Zuma, once confessed to have taken a shower after having unprotected sex with an HIV+ woman, to "lower" the chances of contracting the virus.

In the Unicef game, players choose from different options as two male and two female characters embark on relationships and the game is set up in swahili which is a language spoken by more than 100 million people from North East Africa all the way down to South East Africa.

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