Thursday, November 02, 2006

France to investigate Rwandan accusations.

About 105 classified documents will be put forth for investigation by a magistrate after claims that French troops were complicit in the 1994 Rwandan genocide. Four Tutsi survivors, aged between 25 and 39 have brought their case against the French military in the French courts.

Among the charges, rape, murder and complicity are cited, but France has always denied any involvement since the days of former French head of state, François Mitterand. Defence Minister Michele Alliot-Marie took the decision on the recommendation of France's defence secrets commission.

French troops were sent to Rwanda as part of a United Nations humanitarian force but failed to stop the massacres, and since they were stationed in the south west part of the country, all they managed to do was to give safe haven to the fleeing murderers. Another accusation vividly denied by France.

After hearing testimony from witnesses, the Rwandan panel will rule on whether to file a suit at the International Court of Justice, BBC online reports.

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Anonymous said...

The question deep into the past is France willing to dig and is she going to make public any of the findings?