Thursday, June 22, 2006

Ola papi...Ribeiro Adriano...

Yeah that's about all the spanish I can pull off for now. Okay,Okay...I know I said Malouda was one of the hottest soccer players for this World Cup but I didn't say he was the hottest!! Don't get it twisted now! Ribeiro Adriano IS!! Holly Mother of...Adriano! F-I-N-E. His full name is Leite Ribeiro Adriano and was born on a sunny (can you prove me otherwise?) Wednesday, February 17,1982 in Rio de Janeiro. He weighs about 189 lbs, stands at 6'2 and experts consider him the best player raised in Brazil in the last decade, that is since the appearance of Ronaldo. His body is chiseled in the long hours spent in a Milan gymnasium, you know since his day job is to play for Inter de Milan (Italy). As for his boots (size 43)...Well, let's just say that they give me chills...I've added a couple of pictures of him just for my own "well being".

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