Thursday, June 22, 2006

I made a discovery today...Ozwald Boateng!

Believe it or not, I had never heard of O.B before today! And then as I sat home watching TV5...Yeah, one of my fave channels. Anyways...So this show comes on...Called D.
It's a Montreal-based fashion television show. And I see this tall ,lean black designer with an African last name and a british accent. The next thing I see, Ryan Seacrest, Jamie Foxx and the likes praising him. So I decided to google his ass and it turns out he used to be this great Creative Director at Givenchy. And now he's doing wonders to the straight male british populace and is coming to North America to take over thanks to Queer Eye For the Straight Guy or something like that.And it seems he once was named one of the Top 100 Great Black Britons. Sounds painful but hey...All the power to them.I checked out his designs...Oh my god...Dude can sew...Holly!!

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freshdipt said...

Ozzy B is freaking amazing and I cant wait to see his show tonight on Sundance. It's gonna be awesome. Like better than Project Runway awesome.