Friday, August 11, 2006

Drag queen disses Mugabe!

Curvaceous Kudah, as I like to call him (stage name Kudah Samuriwo), one of Zimbabwe's out and about drag queens, has revealed what his life was like back in his native country. During the 90's, he was the first black drag queen to win the "Jacaranda" beauty contest. A crown usually limited to "colored" transvestites (mixed race). Standing over 6 feet tall, he is a rather impressive performer. He was disinherited after revealing his sexuality to his parents and had to flee to neighboring South Africa, where he modeled himself after such African female artists as Brenda Fassie and Yvonne Chaka Chaka.

He remembers constantly being harassed and abused by the police, whom he'd eventually bribe with sexual favors in order to be released. A practice imprisoned gays still follow nowadays. He now lives in England.
"I don't know what Mugabe has against pigs and dogs; he must have had the worst sex ever with them...Maybe he's had gays as well that's why he makes comparisons. Experts can be so one-sided," he sarcastically says during an interview with BBC.

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Anonymous said...

Someone ought to tell him!! Good going,gurl!