Saturday, July 29, 2006

Profiling Rio Ferdinand

I know the world cup has been over for about a month now but I just couldn't resist profiling this guy. Rio Gavin Ferdinand was born November 7, 1978 in Peckham, London and is half St Lucian and half Anglo-Irish. He is middle backer although he's played midfield in the past for Manchester United.
He made headlines in 2003 when he failed to attend a drug test because "he was moving" and got an eight month ban for that.
A self-professed AIDS activist, he's visited half of the world for AIDS awareness and he's been known for saying things like"...although I didn't grow as poor as you did, I know what it feels like to want things you can't have..."
A true hero indeed. Standing 6'1 and weighing 167 lbs, Rio is one tall of water and I would have him any given day. Damn!!

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Anonymous said...

Very hot!!