Tuesday, July 25, 2006

News from Africa

-Congo is expected to hold her first ever democratic elections on July 30 to elect a president and parliament. A move that has been a luxury for every other nation in the region but the rich nation of Congo. More to come.

-"Dubya" is expected to meet with Darfur rebel leader Minni Minnawi in Washington who also happens to head the one rebel faction to have signed a peace deal. The other two refused citing "inadequate" terms.

-In entertainment news, MTV has launched an "African" branch of it. The same way there's MTV Europe, Canada, Australia and so on. But critics are sceptical as to what good that is going to do for the poverty, famine and war torn continent since about 70% of video clips played are mostly american hip hop.
African music and artists from the continent make up only about 30% of the output. BBC online has more.

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