Thursday, July 06, 2006

"I am not my hair"...

When I first saw the video, no, let me get this straight! I LOVE INDIA ARIE. So when I first saw the video, about a few weeks ago, I re-fell in love with her. And then last night, a couple of friends from out town and I decided to treat ourselves to a strip club.
This stripper that one of my friends liked and that I also happen to know from the community comes up to me for a chat and somewhere in the conversation he tries to explain to me why he doesn't go out to black clubs anymore and get this. Apparently most black guys hate him because he is light skinned!I know,eh! My jaw dropped. I was like, what? He goes on to say:"...well you guys don't understand, you guys are not really black, black!"
I go: "what do you mean we are not really black?" He goes on to explain that the fact that we are not "blue black" and also like to wear our hair in either mohawks or natural curls like some of my friends, and the fact that we are of African descent, the other dudes don't really care or even want to "compete" with us because we are not from the islands, you know, west indians!!! Oh my god, I was flabbergasted!!
So this morning I wake up and tune to BET and guess what video is on? India's I Am Not My Hair. Then it hit me. It actually wasn't about other guys hating his light-skinned ass but more like his discomfort towards his kind. I have seen him around and I know that he is into either brown guys or light brown, near or middle eastern looking guys like my friend he was talking to all night.
I have heard him before referring to some of my darker skinned friends as "the african boys". But he never calls me that. Apparently I am not african enough, or damn straight not black enough.
So in 2006 black people are not only still dealing with poverty, racism, and homophobia but we're also still dealing with self-hate in the form of skin shades, hair texture and the likes.
It's all going to be alright though. We shall overcome all this nonsense!

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