Sunday, July 02, 2006

After months of televised political unrest,massacres and the likes, Bush still "unaware" of the proceedings in Sudan's peace agreement!!

I couldn't believe my eyes when I stumbled upon an article online about how "misinformed" Bush is when it comes to the Darfur conflict. In a World where England's defeat to Portugal, that of Brazil to France and Beckham's resignation as England's captain are histerically "mourned" and where even the remotest town south of Chile knows the scores of the games the minute they happen, I find it unbelievably disturbing that the most powerful man on the planet is actually getting the wrong information in regards to the dying peoples of the world.
Does that mean he doesn't read? Or watch the news on tv? Okay maybe he's way too busy to do his own research online. That I can actually understand. But for people to have been agonizing for years in what is now unanimously called the World's Worst Humanitarian Crisis and to still be using such excuses as "my informants are not that well informed" is not laughable but alarming.

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